Consistent quality assurance

Quality Management

Quality first. Innovative research and development. Sustainable operation. Customized service.


Design control

design according to customer needs, and with appropriate design control to ensure that the design meets the requirements, and to formulate and maintain various procedures and verify product design.


Order review

confirm the order content when receiving, and further confirm with the customer in case of any error.


Incoming material inspection

inspect all the incoming raw materials, and adopt different inspection methods according to different articles.


Process inspection

during the manufacturing process of products, according to its sequence, the inspection can be divided into first article inspection, process inspection and final inspection.


Delivery inspection

Delivery inspection is the last procedure before the finished products are delivered to the customer. This inspection is to ensure the quality of the products and reduce rework/return problems.


Customer satisfaction

Focusing on customers, we should understand the current and future needs of customers, meet their requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Customized development of your precision products?