About Us

Taiwan Yuchuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, and the company's main business involves custom-made electronics, semiconductors, equipment components and medical device components.

At present, the company has CNC precision turning and milling compound processing machine, CNC precision milling machine, CNC precision lathe and some other equipments. We have a complete supply chain to meet the customer needs. We can conduct heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly of parts, etc., and can also reverse engineering.
Our Service
Our technology and ability can meet the requirements of customers. Diversified precision machining configurations to meet customer-specific production and processing needs

Accumulated industrial experience, providing reliable technical support, and obtaining smooth cooperation quality.

Yuchuang Precision Technology has diversified precision processing configurations to meet the specific production and processing needs of customers.

Tailor-made, the products are widely used in various fields.


Based on the principle of upholding integrity to meet the needs of customers, and provide consulting services.


Constantly study the processing characteristics of special high-grade engineering plastic materials, and more effectively combine the sophisticated processing technology with experience.


We can develop, design and process products according to customers' needs, and jointly create the maximum added value of products.With innovative services to open a new chapter in precision processing industry

Our History

Open a new chapter in the precision processing industry with innovative services.

Precision & Innovative

The company was established in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
Company expansion
Relocated the factory in Zhubei to Xinfeng
Moved to Fengshan Industrial Park, Hukou, the company expanded its scale

Taiwan Yuchuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Customized development
of your precision products?